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We transform the way you work and live
with online and offline corporate trainings.

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Corporate Trainings

Pathfolk offers a series of trainings and workshops to meet the challenges employees face in today’s modern work environment. Available in-person or virtual with workshops ready-to-go, we can also collaborate to create programs specific to your company's needs.

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Keynote Speaker

Meet Molly Leis Cornelius, the CEO of Pathfolk. Formerly a corporate executive and consultant with Fortunate 500 companies for over 20 years, Molly now leads corporate trainings for Pathfolk and speak about Mental Health, Resilience, Embodied Leadership and Mindfulness.

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Molly Leis Cornelius

Molly Leis Cornelius is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Mental Health Awareness First Aid Expert, Registered Yoga Teacher and Public Speaker. Evolving a lifetime of personal experience in wellbeing and two decades in corporate training and consulting, Molly brings a progressive and creative approach to wellbeing workshops. Leading Pathfolk's uplifting corporate wellbeing programs with a modern east meets west ethos will transform the way you think, feel, work and live.

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Why Choose Us?


What Our Clients Say

Exceeded Expectations

It was an excellent corporate well-being workshop that exceeded expectations.
I loved Molly's flow and how she structured the workshop. It was very effective! I am still on a high from it!
Thank you again!

Shea Stanley
CEO Little Steps Asia |
Hong Kong

What Our Clients Say

Wonderful Well-being Workshop

Molly was a brilliant communicator and facilitator during the Alignment Workshop. She assigned appropriate lengths of time for us to reflect on each segment of the experience. The overall program length felt ideal and I had a wonderful time. Molly helped me realise that I had neglected my aspirational self, so in 2022 I will view my life from a holistic lens - stretching professional to personal to aspirational self. 100% recommend this to everyone!

Ping Ping Han
Aloha |

What Our Clients Say

Affirming My Life Purpose

I learned a lot about myself from Molly's Alignment Workshop. I really enjoyed the process and remembered there is so much to be joyful and grateful for in life! Taking time to answer Molly's reflective questions was such an affirming exercise for me! My life vision flowed naturally from that. Molly organized the sequence of questions and workshop really well!

Chloe Mohajer
Community Builder| Singapore

We know you want what's best for your employees.

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We believe in forward-thinking corporate wellness.

We believe there should be space for wellbeing in the workplace and that to be truly successful companies need to nurture each employee’s creativity and sense of purpose.  Our process helps people become more self-aware, feel connected to themselves and inspired to live their best life, inside and out the workplace.  Bespoke to your company’s wellness objectives, let’s discuss how our corporate wellbeing programs can support your company's needs.


Who we help and how?

Human Resources

We work hand-in-hand with HR and DEI management to co-create workshops that assure employees have the tools to thrive inside and outside the company. We are committed to assisting you in building a resilient, productive and dynamic workforce.

C-suite executives

We partner with leaders to develop bespoke results-driven programs that nurture teams while challenging them to reach their goals. We know that you are responsible for driving the bottom line and we want you to have engaged employees to help you do so.

Employee committees

In collaboration with Wellness, Mental Health and Wellbeing groups we provide evidence-backed work-life-balance tools and tips to keep your colleagues connected and learning and growing personally and professionally together.


Happy to connect with consultants, coaches and training firms to support your leadership programs. We complement your expertise with enriching well-being workshops that stretch the body and the mind.

Build healthier teams for a healthier business.

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2. share goals and objectives

Different companies have different goals.
Share your objectives with us and we'll plan your company's path to success.

3. Schedule your workshop

Once your plan is approved, select a time and date to start your journey to well-being.