Corporate Workshops

Pathfolk's corporate workshops enable better work-life-balance. We understand that mental health and burnout are real challenges facing employees today and that resilience is required for both the individual and the company to succeed. When employees lack self-awareness and connection to their purpose, they make uninformed decisions that change the course of their future and may  affect your company.

Each evidence-based Pathfolk workshop educates and empowers employees to create a healthier, happier life with a greater sense of awareness and compassion for themselves and the world around them. We know that self-awareness is the foundation of confidence which leads to the wellbeing, health and happiness of your employees and your company. Our curated workshop offering supports your employees with better wellbeing. 


An Overview

Our Wellbeing Workshops

Our selection of workshops are designed to empower employees with the insight and tools to make positive changes that impact employee engagement. Content is research and evidence based, practical and engaging. Each workshop is interactive and dynamic stretching the mind and the body.

We will continue to evolve our workshops and develop new ones to ensure that we address your needs with relevant support.

Each workshop is 60 minutes. However, they can be extended to 90mins or more. As a small and nimble firm, we love to work with our clients to customize workshops based on your company's wellness objectives. Let's schedule a call to discuss how we can help.

Manage Stress

Mental Health Workshop

Everyone deserves to thrive in a mentally healthy workplace. Developing a basic understanding of mental health issues is the first step in minimizing stigma. Gain the knowledge and skills to recognize symptoms of common mental illnesses at work.

Learn early intervention methodologies to support yourself, coworkers, friends or family if mental health issues arise. 

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Build Reslience

Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness is at the core of modern leadership. It is consciously paying attention in the present moment without judgement. Mindfulness increases engagement, focus and connection with oneself and those around us.

Learn science-backed tools and simple actionable strategies to improve everyday engagement, enhance concentration and increase happiness. Participants will be able to identify the differences between meditation and mindfulness, learn the science behind mindfulness and how it can improve focus, resilience, emotional regulation and stress management.

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Live your best life

Wellbeing Workshop

The juggle is real. As we try to balance working from home and parenting, often with online schooling, it's easy to feel our identities, mindfulness and calm demeanor slipping away.

Learn tools to create a successful home environment for you and your family so that you find time for yourself, your work and your children. Create calm within the chaos.

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Zen in the face of adversity

Yoga Mindset Workshop

Yoga at it’s heart is about self-discipline towards our highest potential. Yoga, akin to mindfulness, is about being present in the moment. This is not a yoga exercise class.

Learn about the real meaning of yoga and how embodying a yoga mindset helps us feel grounded during uncertain times.

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