Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is our specialty. We craft personalized programs for your company and teams' unique needs.

Our most popular program is our Signature Alignment Program. This is a 4-hour worksop helps create clarity and purpose while aligning vision, values and ambition. Our most popular workshops include: Mindfulness 101, Mental Health Awareness, Women's Well-being and Mastering Reslience.

We offer both online and in-person formats for Hong Kong as well as international customers.
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Yes, all of our virtual sessions will be recorded and provided to you to share internally. We will also ask all participants to complete a pre-program assesment and feedback survey. We will share these results with you as well.

Yes, of course. We would love to create a bespoke well-being workshop program to build resilience and retain top talent for your company. You may purchase a one-time, monthly, quarterly, or yearly workshop package to support your company's wellness objectives. Please schedule a call with Molly to discuss the workshops and objectives of your teams' needs.

The number of participants for events is determined by the program you choose and is bespoke to the companies needs. We offer intimate group coaching workshops for as little as 5 people and speaking engagements for up to 500.

Yes, we can! Our Founder and Facilitator Molly Leis Cornelius, is a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist trained in building wellness programs for the corporate world. We begin with an internal assesment process and then collaborate to create an integrated, multi-tiered strategy for execution.