Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist, Mental Health First Aider, Mindfulness Facilitator and Speaker.

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist
● Mental Health First Aid, Mind HK
● Mindful Meditation, Power of Awareness, UC Berkeley
● Aligment Yoga Teacher Training, Pure Yoga
● Yoga For Trauma + Mental Health, Wisdom
● Children's Yoga Teacher Training, Zenergy
● The Art of Yoga Sequencing, Jason Crandell

My Story

At 10 years old my mother was in a near-death car accident that changed my life forever. This family trauma and it's residual effect inspired my life-long pursuit of wellbeing. Determined to proactively educate myself and manage my own mental health, I have spent the last three decades curating a library of science-backed resources and mindfulness based tools mindfulness which have inspired my work.

Pathfolk is a workplace wellbeing consultancy that inspires personal and professional transformation by dissecting the issues that impact the health and happiness of organizations. I lead uplifting workshops and give keynotes which break down challenging topics and educate and empower individuals to connect more deeply with themselves and the world around them.

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I'm here to help you create a more informed, inspired and engaged company. Just like every corporate culture is different, so are your company's wellbeing and educational needs. I would love to have a call to discuss how stress, mental health and burnout affect you, your company's business and your team's morale.

Based in Seoul, South Korea I travel throughout Asia Pacific and I'm available for virtual or in-person events.

Send me an SMS on What's App +852 5721 6880.

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Top Testimonials

Molly's Aligment Program was eye opening. I feel driven now that I have goals and a plan. We often neglect getting to the bottom of what we truly want to achieve in our personal and professional lives. The Alignment Program has enabled me to uncover and focus on my short and long-term goals. I would highly recommend it to anyone, no matter what stage of life you are in. Molly guides you every step of the way with clarity, intention, and inspiration.

Lindsay Robertson
Moonlight Entertainment / Hong Kong

Top Testimonials

Pathfolk's Alignment Program was such a fulfilling experience. It really helped me get specific and clear about my priorities and set up small milestones to achieve them throughout the year. The wellbeing program was also wonderful at helping me carve out personal and professional goals and allowed me to realize I had the ability to work on both without having to sacrifice one for the other

Riyana Rupani
Healthy-ish & Happy / Singapore

Top Testimonials

I recommend the Alignment Program as it empowers us to act consciously on our personnal and professional development. It would also be beneficial for companies to have engaged employees who achieve their full potential.

Delphine Maisl
adm Group / Hong Kong